Here’s a small selection of favourites from the many hundreds of Liz Mathews’ house portraits and architectural studies.  You’ll see a huge variety of different subjects, some made in terracotta like the bricks, some in stoneware – from a grand Queen Anne mansion to a traditional croft, with Georgian terraced houses and contemporary bungalows, mock-Tudor semis and Victorian vicarages, each one with its unique character.

East Front
A wonderful Irish Arts & Crafts house, with decorative tile-work, swag panelling and much quirky detailing.
16. Fired South side portrait Burnaby Lodge
South side of the same Arts & Crafts house, showing its charming veranda, and the light-filled glass garden room. (Please see Portraits on paper for more views of this lovely house.)
A beautiful family home, set in an idyllic garden.
This is one of my all-time favourite commissions – an enchanting house, sensitively restored, in a ravishing garden
This beautifully proportioned stone mill house has its own bridge and dovecote
Calm Regency elegance with a stone porch
The graceful facade of a Cambridgeshire house with literary associations…
… and its garden front, the setting for ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’. The pair of portraits were made to stand back-to-back to give both aspects of this lovely house.
Wonderful colours in the red vine complement the garden front of this charming house
Thatch and ancient brick on this lovely cottage, embraced by its flowering garden
Classic York brickwork on a pretty terraced house with a side passage to its flowery back yard
A charming lattice-windowed cottage with beautiful greenery
Wisteria climbs across the noble archway of this elegant house
A time-line of one family’s homes, from city mews to country house – shown individually below:
No 1: a compact elegant London mews house with dark blue shutters and window-box garden
No 2: a London terraced family house with detailed brickwork and classic features
No 3: a charming stone cottage with roses beside the door
No 4: Black and white arts and crafts elegance with stained glass and wisteria
No 5: the crowning glory – brick mansion with stone facings and a classical porch, half-timbered gables and a wonderfully complex roof-scape – a very harmonious arrangement of parts
Scan 10
A beautifully proportioned Queen Anne house
This shining house in Philadelphia USA was built in 1925 from a sparkling mica-bearing stone
A Georgian house and its barn with carriageway in between (shown separately below…)
…on the house a magnificent climbing magnolia graces the facade…
…and the stone-stepped barn faces a charming vegetable garden
Newly restored, this lovely house was designed by Voysey, and has characteristic flourishes
A Lake District cottage with a similar gable, and a beautiful garden
An immaculate Arts & Crafts house in North London
A house with a fine wisteria where Charles Lamb once lived
A Hebridean log cabin of beloved memory
A Hebridean log cabin of beloved memory, built from Norwegian wood on a stone base
Version 2
A traditional Hebridean blackhouse
Braehead ceramic
A childhood home in Moffat, Scotland, remembered as it was one summer in the 1960’s
Wisbech’s elegant Town Hall, now re-purposed, with trompe l’oeil view through the arch
Scan 35
Stone house with gables and stonework hood-moulding on the windows
Version 2
A lovely tile-hung brick house with gables and half-timbering
Scan 30
Peckover House, Wisbech’s National Trust property – with its beautiful old wisteria
Version 2
– and another view of Peckover House, as it was when brand new, with pristine brickwork and no foliage.  Made to commission from a contemporary engraving – inscription on reverse shown below:

Version 3

Two town houses, one on Wisbech’s Crescent, one in an East London square

Scan 16
The Guildhall, King’s Lynn with its elegant chequered diaper work
Scan 14
Another log cabin, this time in Switzerland, complete with snow (these log cabins are unusual examples of the original building material not being reflected in the portrait making material)
Scan 2
The Manor House, with beautiful brickwork – and another view below…
Version 3
…here’s the west front of the same Manor House, with an entirely different character
Scan 27
Cottage with small bay window and roses round the door
The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel – a complex facade articulating a many-purposed interior; note the traceried chapel window and entrance loggia/colonnade
Version 3
Heacham Church – another architecturally complex facade, reflecting the church’s history
Scan 18
A barn in King’s Lynn with beautiful brick and stone-work
Version 2
– and another extraordinary church, this portrait commissioned to celebrate a wedding
Traditional small Greek village house, now a seaside holiday home
Scan 31
A house on the village green
Village house with beautiful columned door-case and shutters
Version 3
The Brewery, with trompe l’oeil view through to the yard
Manor House with superb brickwork and half-cupola door-case
Stone house with timber balustrade and cladding
Version 3
Quaker meeting house, 1854
Scan 22
Irish Coastguard Cottages with inscription on reverse shown below

Version 2

A mock-Tudor house with wonderful brickwork
Farmhouse with barn and trompe l’oeil view
The Ice House, Holland Park, London, now an art gallery in the park
Scan 8
Brick cottage with dormer windows and pantiles, and a quirky buttress
Scan 17
Garden front of Norfolk house
Version 2
North Norfolk coast house, with characteristic flint walls
Version 2
A charming 1930’s factory in East Anglia
Scan 28
Cambridgeshire house, with roses on its wrought-iron porch; its coach house shown below:
Version 2
The Coach House Antiques, with enchanting windows and antique stone flower-troughs
Scan 20
The Castle, Wisbech – actually a Regency villa – with imposing detached gateway

Two portraits of a York house, before and after shutters, and in different seasons

Two flower-adorned York houses – one garden front, the other the front garden

Kingfisher Cottage in Yorkshire
Version 2
White house with beautiful tiled roof
Version 3
A characterful half-timbered 1930’s London house
Version 3
A pair of fine bay-windowed semi-detached houses with enchanting French turreted roof
Scan 29
An interesting contemporary house in Germany, like a composition of blocks
Scan 33
This house has beautiful roofs and chimneys, as well as unusual windows

A selection of much-loved ‘ordinary’ houses that proved to be good subjects

Version 3
A beautiful riverside terrace in a unified composition – with some window-tax blanks
Version 2
The old fire-station, Wisbech
Scan 23
This lovely house was once a vicarage, now a small hospital
Scan 19
A house with beautiful brickwork and perfect proportions

Two faces of one house – front and side views

Version 2
A cottage down a flowery lane
Version 2
A vicarage with mullioned windows and wonderful decorative brickwork in the gables

Two more London hospitals in the East End, the Queen Elizabeth and the Royal London Hospital’s Garden House

And three of our potteries: Rus in Urbe at Gabriel’s Wharf, Whitechapel Pottery, and The Wisbech Pottery, an old stable.  For Potters’ Yard, where we are now, see the Contact page

Scan 5
This lovely house seems to have a machicolated oriel window overhanging the front door

A church, a bank and a London restaurant – each commissioned for special occasions

Scan 11
A tile-hung brick house with leaded windows
Version 3
This house’s conservatory echoes its shape and fits it so well it couldn’t be left off the portrait

A town house, a seaside house, a bungalow, a pub and a cottage – all adorned with flowers

Heacham cottage relief
Norfolk cottage with a trompe l’oeil glimpse of garden through its archway
Church House relief
– and Church House, perhaps my all-time favourite – for which I also made the house-name-plate

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